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What's Your Go-To Aveda Product?

Today in our blog post we will be learning about 2 Aveda products that Janet and Leah at Salon Uruku, use and call one of their favorite shelf stockers! We constantly have clients asking, "What are they using?" or "How can I get my hair to do this at home?" Well today you'll learn what Janet and Leah have picked as their go-to products they can't live without!

Aveda Artist, Aveda Products
Aveda Stylist Janet with Her Favorite Go-To Products

Janet says, "It was very difficult to pick just one product!" But she chose to tell us what she would recommend for fine, thin hair. Janet tells us "When dealing with fine and thin hair, you want to use a cocktail of Phomollient & Pure Abundance Hair Potion. First you want to pump a golf ball size drop of phomollient into the palm of your hand, then simply add a squirt (technical term) of pure abundance hair potion into the phomollient. Rub your hands together to combine. Place the combination of products evenly throughout the hair, root to ends. Depending on the amount of hair, you might have to reapply. Blowdry for max. volume!"


Aveda Artist, Aveda Product
Aveda Stylist Leah with Her Go-To Product

Leah says, "It's hard to chose just one product honestly! But my go-to is Confixor! It's a universal product and great for all hair types." She then continued to tell us how she applies it in her own hair and to clients for that perfect style. Leah says, "Emulsify small amount in hands, work through the hair starting with mid-lengths to ends then roots, blow dry to style!"

We are so thankful for these ladies and their love for Aveda products! Both see the importance in educating their clients on the best products to use and how to use them at home. We would also love to give them both a January and February birthday shoutout! Salon Uruku is so lucky to have these ladies

on our Uruku Team!

happy blogging Aveda lovers!

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